As part of the other shooting packages we offer there’s also, at certain times of the year, the opportunity to enjoy different events such as rabbit shoots, either bolting them with ferrets, lamping at night with shotguns or rimfire rifles or netting them using traditional long nets. There’s also the possibility of lamping for foxes. What about rough shooting over HPR’s? Also corvid shoots for crows, rooks, jackdaws & magpies over some of Suffolk’s open air piggeries or to take part in one of our simulated driven game days shooting clay pigeons. At the end of the season we often arrange hare shoots either driven or walked up.

If you have any particular shooting experience in mind please ‘ask the question’ we may well be able to help.

We always try to work with each individual hunter to give the best sporting opportunities possible and endeavor to help all Guns have a worthwhile and enjoyable visit.

Should you have any questions please e-mail us.