For several weeks now we’ve been out decoying corvids on our local open ground piggeries here in Suffolk.

Now the young are at last starting to fledge the numbers are exploding exponentially just at the time when many of the crops are beginning to put on ears, barley and wheat being the most vulnerable. Crops in the immediate vicinity of the corvid habitats are likely to be most at risk and could be stripped of their yield in short order. That’s in addition to the pig food that gets eaten or contaminated by the birds feeding in large gatherings.

We’ve had an unprecedented demand for places on these days most likely we imagine due to everyone wanting to get back out in the field to do some shooting after the last two years of lockdowns and whilst June is often our quietest month this year we’ve decided to keep on at the corvids for a while before we start our harvest-time pigeon days in July.

We’ve decided to put on several more days at the corvids over the next few weeks and these newly added dates are available as listed below.

Saturday 28th May 2 spaces available due to a cancellation.

Wednesday 25th May.

Wednesday 01st June.

Saturday 04th June.

Monday 13th June.

Friday 17th June.

If you’re interested in joining us please email your request as soon as possible as once these days are filled that’ll be it until next season for our main corvid days.

For full details please email us.

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