Corvid numbers are at an all-time high again this year and we have been tasked with culling  as many as possible. We will be doing so on a regular basis throughout the winter months.

On the pig farms these birds eat vast amounts of food intended for the animals the cost of which runs into 10’s of £000’s whilst their droppings contaminate even more food and water supplies. The damage they do to the surrounding crops and woodland habitats which has at long last been acknowledged by NE and the risks they pose to some of our rarer bird populations is incalculable. On our main shooting area Lapwings, Curlew and Stone Curlew are particularly at risk as are many smaller songbird populations to say nothing of the threat to breeding game birds.

We have permanent hides sighted under and close to the birds main flightlines around a large area of the farms that run open area piggeries and we will in many instances deploy decoys to attract the corvids. Not an easy task as they are among the most intelligent species of the avian world but when the youngsters have fledged that is the best time to catch them out before they become as wise as their parents.

There are spaces for up to eight Guns per day (single Guns and part-teams are welcome to make up daily numbers) and depending on the main feeding times for the birds we’ll either be out very early mornings or later throughout the day.

If you’d like to join us please e-mail for further details

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