For several weeks now we’ve been out decoying corvids on our local open ground piggeries here in Suffolk.

There are huge numbers of corvids here especially now the young have pretty much all fledged. We had our first 1000 bird day last week but you’d never know it, we’re seeing literally 10’s of thousands now. The damage they do to the surrounding crops and habitat, the pig food they eat and contaminate and the harm they inflict on the local bird populations especially during the breeding season is huge and incalculable.

Tactics have changed a little and we now go out in the afternoons until evening, seems to work better. We were planning to stop going after them once harvest started but there are so many we are encouraged to do more.

If you’re interested in joining us for a day either as a single Gun or a group of up to 8 please email your request as soon as possible.


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