Deer Stalking Tuition Days

We run these days on an ad-hoc basis during the off season and the next one is to be held on

Saturday 15th June 2024.

These days take place on a purpose built all-weather range on a private estate in Suffolk.

We welcome newcomers and people who just want to try stalking to the sport and encourage them to visit for a whole day of one-on-one tuition, rifle handling and safety, shooting range targets with various rifles to assess competence. In our opinion it is not appropriate to use ‘live quarry’ for target practice. When you want to try deer shooting, learn, practice or see how far you can safely/competently shoot, use targets. When you want to hunt, only shoot at distances where you are confident of making a safe & clean kill. When you shoot an animal, do it quickly and don’t mess about. Respect for the quarry is paramount. We organise these courses with one or two other stalking professionals as an introduction for newcomers to the sport. A morning session in a classroom environment to learn the theory, practice and laws about hunting with rifles plus quarry specific information, deer stalking and hunting, then after lunch an afternoon session on a private, fully equipped, weather proof range to learn about rifle handling, safety, zeroing and target practice. If deemed competent we may then take you for a late afternoon/evening stalk, or simulated stalk using specially designed mobile targets.

These days are numbers limited to six people per day. You have the  use of our rifles if you don’t have your own which is included in the price but ammunition is an extra. Food & drink is available all day plus a picnic style lunch, teas/coffees, drinks are all included as is VAT.


There will be a general talk on the basics and a theory session in the morning plus a practical, hands-on session on the range in the afternoon. Suitable outdoor clothing should be worn bearing in mind the time of year. 09.30 start until approx.16.30.

Our quarry, UK Deer, Muntjac, CWD, Roe, Fallow, Sika & Reds. Quarry ID.

Deer/Rifle Shooting Law. BDS/BASC Code and written permission.

Gun safety. Guns, ammunition and target testing. Range judging.

General discussions regarding deer stalking, fieldcraft etc.

The importance of reconnaissance. Knowing where/when to find deer.

Break for Lunch.

General talk plus gun safety/handling.

Range instruction. Marksmanship.

Individual instruction as required.

Summarise the day.

To register your interest or to book please email