With the end of the game season for another 8 months we’re now busy with our winter/spring pigeon shooting. At least 6 days a week right through into early May.

Decoying over OSR, cut Game Cover Maize, Stubbles, Clover and later new spring drilling plus anything else the pigeons take a fancy to, and they do. With a lot of land too wet to sow this winter we expect there’ll be a lot of spring planting. Ideal for pigeons maybe, maybe not. Time will tell!

We are booking days now either for full teams, a max of 6 at this time of year or to individual Guns.

Come and join us.

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UPDATE…We have this very morning, 13th February 2020, been informed about an extension to the General Licences England under which we can shoot pigeons and corvids, with reservations. This extension is not a new licence but an extension to the ones issued last July and is valid until July 2020. It is still possible that we will face the withdrawal of the licences in their current form, perhaps altogether, come July but for the moment we can legally continue to provide a pest control service.