Duck & Goose Flights

This season due to a number of different and difficult circumstances not least with the pandemic and Natural England’s anti-shooting attitudes we have a much reduced programme on our shoots. Sorry but we hope to have a full programme back by next season.

We will however have a number of evening duck flights to offer either as stand alone events or as part of our rough/walked up days. We will shoot two flight ponds only, our best ones, that have consistently over several years returned good results, mostly teal but with some mallard and other species. On average last season, what there was of it, on these two ponds around 150 shots were fired per flight.

Two, mainly teal, ponds for 6 Guns, 4 on the largest one plus 2 on the smaller one, located on our shoot near Woodbridge Suffolk.

We can provide the birds, hitting them is up to you! Teal shooting is, like much ‘wild’ bird shooting, not for novices.

Please note where indicated only full teams of 6 Guns may book. Only those dates offering spaces may be booked by individual or part teams.

Dates currently available are;

Saturday 16th October 4 Gun spaces

Saturday 06th November 3 Gun spaces

Sunday 14th November full 6 Gun team only

Sunday 28th November full 6 Gun team only

Saturday 04th December 3 Gun spaces

Sunday 12th December full 6 Gun team only

Sunday 23rd January full 6 Gun team only

If you have specific weekday or weekend dates in mind please ‘ask the question’ as we may be able to work around these dates especially for 6 Gun teams.

We’ll be shooting flight ponds for ducks only and possibly geese, Greylags, Canadas and Pinkfeet on the marshes.

Bag numbers vary and are not guaranteed.

For full details or to book please email,


Stay Well. Stay Safe.

Please refer to our News pages for the latest information during this world pandemic.

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