WILDFOWLING Duck & Goose Flights

At present all our goose flight dates for October are being held in abeyance; we had several goose flights planned for this month as we generally shoot Greylags and Canadas on harvested bio-maize at this time of the season here in eastern Suffolk. At the moment, although the maize has been harvested, due to the long spell of dry weather we had this summer the yield wasn’t good and the geese have as yet not turned up on the stubbles. We’re waiting until they do before confirming any flights. It may even be late October before we can do something. We will take provisional bookings if you’re happy to do that. We will happily add your name to the list and let you know, it’s likely to be a last minute thing, once we finalise the dates.

From November onwards we will be flighting Pinkfeet Geese on our grounds in Norfolk and again will take bookings on a ‘last minute’ basis once we have had a chance to confirm their arrival.

We are duck shooting at present but again due to the dry weather we have limited areas to do so, most of our ponds are dry although this last weekend (5th & 6th) has probably changed that. If you are looking for a flight then next month (November) we may be able to find some spaces.

Please e-mail us for further details and to register your interest.