WILDFOWLING Duck & Goose Flights

We will be publishing a limited number of dates for the 2019/20 season. Some early season duck/goose flights are possible but we will not be able to confirm until nearer the time, August/September.

Early in the season our goose flights are mostly for Greylags with the possibility of some Canadas in Suffolk. They should be flighting on either bio-maize stubble or harvested root vegetables by September.

Later maybe November onwards we’ll be after Pinkfeet on our grounds in Norfolk.

All we do at this stage of the year is take provisional bookings and firm them up around the end of August beginning of September once we have a better idea about the geese.

Almost all our goose flights are early morning but we do also have evening duck flights.

Please e-mail us for further details and to register your interest.