Starting in September all being well and the weather is kinder to us than last season.

Our duck flights are for all legal species. Flights are conducted over various ponds and marshes close to the Suffolk/Norfolk coast as well as on inland ponds plus some locations on The Norfolk Broads and may be morning (occasionally) or evening (most likely) shooting on previously agreed dates. Quarry is all the legally available species but predominantly Mallard, Widgeon and Teal although we do also shoot Pintail, Shoveler, and others. We also occasionally see Geese on these duck flights and these may also be considered quarry subject to the usual terms. Generally we shoot the flight ponds no more than once a fortnight (often only once a month) with a maximum of 8 guns on some, 6 or 4 guns on others.

In Suffolk/Norfolk we have four species of geese that can be shot legally; Canada, Greylag, Pinkfoot and White Fronts. Flights are conducted early mornings, late afternoon/evenings or on suitable occasions under the moon over a number of farms, estates and landholdings close to the coast on previously agreed dates. We can legally shoot wildfowl on Sundays in Suffolk but not in Norfolk. Generally we shoot geese on their feeding grounds, usually sugar beet or stubbles occasionally on marshland and open waterways with a maximum of 8 Guns.

As with any ‘wild’ hunting bags are not guaranteed but the quality of the shooting is when the birds are about. If possible on both duck and goose flights  we like to book groups of Guns known to each other but will on occasion place individual guns with smaller parties. We can take parties for 2-3 days but would encourage groups to visit for mixed days rather than just wildfowling flights. We suggest that as these flights are only for short periods you may wish to consider booking a day’s rough shooting at the same time to make your visit truly worthwhile.

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