Roadmap out of Lockdown

Please be aware… From 29th March 2021 we have once again able to shoot with clients however certain regulations remain in place and we require you to be aware of them. The links, Roadmap out of Lockdown & General Licences 2021 England should be read and understood. We all have a responsibility to comply with Government regulations and guidance, and failure to do so may place you at risk of a fine and jeopardise your shotgun and firearm certificates, certainly it would have an impact on you shooting with us.

Our business has (so far and only just) survived the last twelve plus months of this unprecedented pandemic and now things look like improving we do not wish to find ourselves at odds with the regulations still in force or the terms of the recently up-dated General Licences. As important, having come through the last year without catching C-19 we have no wish to find ourselves at this stage ill, in hospital and unable to work and will continue taking all necessary precautions. We expect our clients to do so when shooting with us.

In addition; we have seen during this pandemic a huge increase in people visiting the countryside, many with no idea about what goes on here, what we do or why. When shooting we must be ever mindful that there could be people around and about, often where they shouldn’t be, with children and dogs. We must be seen to adhere to ‘best practice’ and avoid confrontations. If people appear in the area where you are shooting please make yourself known to them and let them know you are shooting. Call us if necessary and we’ll deal with the situation.

Let us know if you’d like to join us.