These days may be of interest to experienced riflemen & stalkers

 We run our range days rifle shooting for experienced riflemen/stalkers who wish to spend some time practicing and upping their game. Days are designed to give riflemen/stalking enthusiasts a chance to zero/practice at targets, maybe up their game a little, or a lot, learn some new info and maybe use some different rifles/techniques. Use the benches, shoot off sticks, prone and standing, high seats etc. and generally enjoy the opportunities offered.

In addition, on these days we will have a good supply of various types/brands and calibres of non-lead ammunition for you to try and evaluate which might best suit your particular rifle. It’s expensive to buy ammunition by the box only to find that your rifle doesn’t favour that brand but we offer the chance to try before buying and only pay for what you use in the process. We have had some good experience with non-lead ammunition and as it’s becoming all the more certain the shooting community will lose the use of lead we feel it’s important to be ready to make the change-over.

Numbers are limited to a max of six people per day.

These events takes place on a purpose built, all-weather 100m rifle range on a private estate in Suffolk.

Food & drink is available on the day plus a picnic style lunch, teas/coffees, soft drinks are all included.

For full details please email info@angliasporting.co.uk