Our rough/walked up days usually consist of parties of 6 to 8 Guns with 2 to 4 dog-men or you’re welcome to bring your own if they are trained. We shoot the boundaries, marshes and ‘dead’ areas of our driven game shoots and sporting estates for all legal ‘furred & feathered’ quarry but predominantly, game, wildfowl, pigeons, rabbits and hares. Later in the season we would expect to shoot a certain amount of Woodcock on these days and possibly Snipe. We also organise special days exclusively for Snipe and/or Woodcock. This is walking shooting and Guns need to be reasonably fit to cover a lot of ground during a day’s sport. Bag numbers vary but on standard days we attempt to shoot up to 50 head (5-6 head of game NOT including ‘various’ per Gun) depending upon the number of Guns and the bags, which are not guaranteed, will be mixed. If you wish for larger bags, more specific quarry, or something altogether different, i.e. Partridges or other game over pointers, Woodcock days, Snipe days or some such please ‘ask the question’ as we do offer ‘premium days’.

We also offer ‘premium’ days where bags of 50+ head up to 100 head are targeted and there may be some mini drives on such days. An allowance will be made but generally additional game birds and wildfowl will be charged extra and Guns have the opportunity to decide beforehand if they wish to shoot over the standard bag limits. All shoots are accompanied by a guide/keeper. Tips for the guides/keepers are left to individual interpretation.

If Guns shoot with us for just the one day and wish to arrive for breakfast before the shoot or arrange a dinner after the shoot please let us know and we’ll arrange that. We do provide a substantial al-fresco or pub lunch on these days and suspect many clients come as much for that as much as they do for the shooting! We can also recommend suitable accommodation in a variety of local pubs/hotels. Should Guns wish to visit for a number of days shooting we can organise that either as a block of similar days or mixed i.e. a day’s driven game, a day’s rough shooting, wildfowl shooting, rabbiting or any similar combination, just ask but please remember it’s a lot easier to arrange visits such as these for full groups, single Guns will need to fit in with others on pre-arranged dates.

Please note that we shoot to the BASC Codes of Practice for Shooting. For more details on this please ask for a copy or contact BASC on-line.

We always try to work with each individual hunter to give the best sporting opportunities possible and endeavor to help all Guns have a worthwhile and enjoyable visit.

Should you have any questions please e-mail us.