Our pigeon shooting days are generally based on decoying birds, sometimes roost shooting at certain times of the year and flight lining. Although we can shoot pigeons every month of the year our busiest months are February, March & April then again July, August & September. Depending upon the time of year we may start early in the morning and finish early or start late and finish late due to the length of daylight. We may have up to 8 Guns on any given day especially in summer at harvest-time (4 to 6 being more usual) so it can take a while to set you out in a hide with a suitable decoy pattern. Once set up we will leave you to shoot whilst we scout the area and move pigeons about. We will be in regular contact with you and if necessary we will move you during the course of the day to give you the best opportunities. Please note; pigeon shooting is all about opportunities, these are wild birds and as such they do not perform to order. Patience is required and remember that generally the weather plays a major part in what the birds might be about on any given day. Don’t ask how many birds or cartridges you’ll shoot as it’s totally unknowable and depends on many things not least the bird’s habits and your own abilities.

Although we can shoot almost all year round for pigeons we do not advise overseas or long distance clients to visit during the quieter months i.e. immediate pre and post-harvest in late May through to June or in October/November/December when we’re busy game shooting in any case. Shooting pigeons during the early months of the year, January, February, March and April is, in our opinion, the best time then again at harvest time usually July, August and September. However pigeon shooting as with all ‘wild’ hunting is, among other factors, very weather dependent and can be a hit and miss affair (excuse the pun). Pigeon shooting can be exciting, at times frustrating and often likened to days spent fishing but we are more likely to shoot good numbers of birds at the times mentioned above.

Pigeon shooting is an all year round event and we shoot them wherever we find them (they are Britain’s most prolific agricultural pest) and it’s legal to shoot them 7 days a week, 364 days a year. We shoot pigeons and other ‘pest’ species under the terms of The General Licences issued by Defra/Natural England each year. We decoy, flight line and roost shoot depending upon the time of year and of course the weather.

Pigeon shooting especially is an activity of opportunity and we make no exaggerated claims about it. If you fish, especially for wild trout or salmon, you’ll understand. Decoying and shooting pigeons is rarely as seen on most Hollywood style films, 100 bird days are the stuff of dreams. Sometimes the opportunities are there, sometimes not! A lot has been written about pigeon shooting over the years but not so much in recent times and in a changing farming environment the pigeons are adapting all the time therefore so must we. We shoot almost every day during our respective pigeon seasons and there are no guarantees about bags, how many birds you’ll shoot, see etc. In a Shooting Times Twitter poll the national average bag shot whilst decoying is just twelve, yes 12 birds…we’d hope to do better than that! If you want guarantees to shoot large numbers of birds then please go to Argentina dove shooting! Forget about predicting the weather, the wind and never, ever try to predict what Woody will be up to from day to day, it’s just an impossible task and will drive sane men crazy. Mind you if you pigeon shoot on anything like a regular basis you probably are!

For all that, if you’re a ‘hunter’ rather than a ‘shooter’ there’s no bird shooting quite like it. When it works!

Please note that we shoot to the BASC Codes of Practice for Shooting. For more details on this please ask for a copy or contact BASC on-line.

We always try to work with each individual hunter to give the best opportunities possible and endeavor to help all Guns have a worthwhile and enjoyable visit.

Should you have any questions please e-mail us.