Decoying pigeons at harvest time.

We’re shooting pretty much every day now throughout August and September.

Below is a list of available spaces for groups or individual Guns to join us.This is current as of 01st August.

We will be shooting over harvested crops of varying types Barley, OSR, Wheat etc. then later over beans and any suitable new drillings. There will  be some social distancing rules and Guns will have to use their own vehicles unless from the same household although we can get you across fields to your hide.

Come and join us.


Friday 14th 1 space

Monday 24th 4 spaces

Wednesday 26th 2 spaces

Thursday 27th 2 spaces

Saturday 29th 3 spaces


Thursday 03rd 2 spaces

Friday 04th 4 spaces

Saturday 05th 2 spaces

Monday 11th 3 spaces

Tuesday 12th 2 spaces

Friday 11th 4 spaces

Saturday 12th 2 spaces

Tuesday 15th 2 spaces

Wednesday 16th 2 spaces

Thursday 17th 4 spaces

Wednesday 23rd 2 spaces

Thursday 24th 2 spaces

Please refer to our News pages for the latest information during this world pandemic.

Please e-mail us for further details

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