We are booking now for the coming season. Full 6-8 Gun team days and some days for individual Guns and part teams to book.

Our rough/walked up days usually consist of parties of 6 to 8 Guns with 2 to 4 dog-handlers or you’re welcome to bring your own if they are trained. We shoot the boundaries, marshes and ‘dead’ areas of our driven game shoots and sporting estates for all legal ‘furred & feathered’ quarry but predominantly, game/wildfowl, plus hares, pigeons & rabbits. Later in the season we might expect to shoot a certain amount of Woodcock on these days and possibly Snipe. This is walking shooting and Guns need to be reasonably fit to cover a lot of ground during a day’s sport. Bag numbers vary but on standard days we target 30 to 50 head (5-6 head of game NOT including ‘various’ per Gun) depending upon the number of Guns and the bags, which are not guaranteed, will be mixed. If you wish for larger bags, more specific quarry, or something altogether different, i.e. Partridges or other game over HPRs (pointers), or some such please ‘ask the question’ as we do offer ‘premium days’.

Quarry on these days is mixed but only game/wildfowl are counted in the bag; Partridges, pheasants, woodcock, snipe, golden plover, hares, ducks & geese etc. ‘Various’ may be shot but do not count in the bag.

Please contact us via e-mail for further details.