Besides our full team driven game days we offer we also set aside some 30-35 driven days each season on one or other of our Suffolk/Norfolk shoots especially for individual Guns and part teams to join us and make up full team numbers. All such days are for 10 Guns x 200 birds costing £650 per peg with full hospitality & VAT included.

These days are designed to assist Guns in a similar position who find it difficult to put a full team together. Meet new people with similar outlooks and enjoy good shooting alongside a fun filled day.

For this season, 2019/20 we currently have the following dates with pegs still available. For days we can still offer to full 8/9/10 Gun teams please e-mail us.

Thursday 07th November…4 pegs

Thursday 28th November…4 pegs

Thursday 12th December…5 pegs

Thursday 02nd January…4 pegs

Thursday 09th January…2 pegs

Thursday 16th January…5 pegs

We also have 3 pegs available on a 200 bird day x 9 Guns on 27th November, £766 per peg all-inclusive.