Summer/Autumn Update 2018

What a summer! From a pigeon shooting point of view it was one of the hardest years we’ve known and we only caught up with good numbers late in September. The weather here in the east was hot, dry and still for much of harvest which started early in June and was practically all over by August. Finding pigeons to decoy was a nightmare task and our conclusions centered on the fact that all their available food was dry and hard, like us they didn’t want to move about too much and water was a main priority. With much of our landscape bone dry and precious little standing water, many of our ponds were dry and the rivers well depleted, the birds either weren’t feeding much or had departed for water somewhere.

The upside is the birds had a really successful breeding year and we fully expect to see large numbers on our days come February.

That also applies to other ‘wildlife’ which after a very late start (remember last winter not wanting to leave us and it was well into May before it did?) seems to have enjoyed the summer as much as we did and as long as they had a water supply their breeding season should prove to have been a good one. Reared partridges and pheasants also enjoyed the weather and are now in great condition.

So it goes on, we started our partridge shooting in September and later this month will also be at the pheasants. Deer stalking is going well with several good Muntjac and Reds being taken. October will also see the first of our goose/duck flights  so from now on it’s full on with the season.

Come and join us!