Winter Update January 2019

What a year! We were still shooting in shirtsleeves on 17th November, bonkers!

November, December and January are among our busiest months of the year and we’ve been out pretty much every day, 6 days a week, enjoying the opportunities available.

We concentrate on game during the season with a few days wildfowling in the mix. The ducks and geese have not been great this past season and several of our early morning forays at the Pinkfeet in Norfolk did not work well. We had a couple of good flights at Greylags on stubble fields in Suffolk and the odd successful flight at evening ducks but overall it’s not been the best of seasons for ‘wild’ stuff. The most notable absence has been any great numbers of widgeon.

Thankfully the game have been in good shape. It’s always easier to guarantee a bag at partridges or pheasants given that the Guns can shoot. The weather has in the main been kind to us so far, very few rainy days (Suffolk/Norfolk are renowned as the driest counties) but sometimes too much sun with no cloud and we could have done with some colder weather earlier in the season.

Now as the game season draws to a close we’re into our ‘clear up’ days through until 01st February. From mid-February on through into May we’re chasing pigeons and getting out after some deer.

Come and join us!