Autumn Update 2018

What a year! We were still shooting in shirtsleeves on 17th November, bonkers!

Of course the weather has had an effect on things, some bad but a lot of good, and game have done well. A lot of wildlife seems to have enjoyed a good breeding year, if a bit late.

The game are now in great shape, fully feathered and strong. We have seen several good broods of wild game but how successful they’ll be in the long run will be down to predator control. There appear to be a lot of snipe about (200 odd put off a single potato field) but woodcock, well let’s see come the November moon. Hares appear to have had a good year in spite of the rumours about a virus outbreak. There are not so many migratory ducks and geese about yet but we expect they’ll turn up in numbers once the weather turns. We’ve had a few flights, some with success. From a pigeon shooting point of view the upside is the birds had a really successful breeding year and we fully expect to see large numbers on our days come February. We are seeing plenty of deer especially Muntjac and CWD (several trophies of which we’ve already had this season) which are prolific breeders in most years. Did you know CWD can birth up to six/seven young at a time. The only thing that seems to restrict them, unlike Muntjac, is habitat. CWD are fairly habitat specific but I guess that might change as the population continues to expand. In new areas where we first see CWD it’s about 3 years before the population explodes.

November and December are among our busiest months of the year and we’re out pretty much every day, 6 days a week, enjoying the wonderful opportunities available.

Come and join us!