Summer Update 2018

Early July and its not rained in this part of the world for 6 weeks. Everything is very dry, crops could have done with a good wetting but that’s not going to happen now so harvest is underway and if, as forecast, this weather holds it’ll all be over within a month.

We’ve done plenty of corvid shooting and some deer stalking now its the pigeons turn until September. How that’s going to play out is anybody’s guess as like most things when hunting ‘wild’ the weather plays a big part. If harvest gets done in one hit as looks very likely then by August it could all be over and everything ploughed up waiting for some rain before the autumn drilling.

Come September we have some deer stalking to do as the males of most species will be in season and we’ll also see the first of our partridge days. We have a couple of smaller days at Grey Partridge during September then as the season goes on Red Legs and Pheasants fill the bags. We have shooting days this season to suit most tastes, driven game, rough/walked up days for mixed bags of feather and fur plus some duck/goose flights.

Come and join us!