Spring Update 2018

The game season is over for another year BUT we don’t do holidays just yet. We have pigeon days, almost every day, from early February right through into early May and also have some limited spaces still available for deer stalking over the next few weeks. Come May we will be at the corvid population on some of our East Anglian open ground piggeries. We’ll also have the odd training day for anyone wishing to learn the art of pigeon decoying and tuition days for would be deer stalkers along with range target days for experienced riflemen plus the occasional simulated driven game day with clay pigeons.  A busy spring/summer!

As usual there’s plenty to be getting on with and that’s just the sport. All through the summer months game keepers will be rearing birds, repairing/replacing and preparing for next season’s game days. All of which we’re taking bookings for right now.

So keep in touch and maybe we’ll see you sometime over the next few months.