COVID-19 Statement – 23/03/2020 Current Intentions during these very difficult times.

If you have it, are concerned about getting it or are in an ‘at risk group’ our thoughts are with you and we apologise if any of the following appears flippant. We are taking a light hearted approach to the current problems but do fully appreciate the immense ramifications this pandemic has and has yet to cause everyone. We realise the uncertainty, the unprecedented challenges faced by the whole country (the world) and the impact being felt by individuals and businesses alike.

Where shooting is concerned this part of the year is a crucial one for all keepers and shoot owners as we have to consider placing orders for chicks and/or poults and deal with the rearing process. Having spoken with several of our colleagues, it appears we’re all well aware of the potential challenges we face over the coming weeks and months. Some shoots however are shutting down and may not run days for the coming season. 

Currently we intend to keep shooting with clients until May which would in any event be our cut-off point for the summer. We’ve plenty of other work to keep us busy throughout the coming months. Should any of our team become sick we will immediately advise clients and cancel any bookings until such time as we are given the all-clear. We happen to think the great outdoors is the best place to be at any time but most especially now. 

At present and until May we are continuing to deer stalk and pigeon shoot and yes we have some limited spaces still available during April especially as all our current overseas bookings have had to cancel. 

We are also taking bookings for the 2020/21 game season (what else to do but be optimistic?) starting with our driven partridge days in late September and running through the season with both driven partridge & pheasant days plus our rough/walked up days. We have days for full 8, 9 & 10 Gun teams as well as our usual run of 200 bird driven game days especially for individual Guns and part teams to book pegs. 

As far as we are concerned all the usual opportunities we offer are still ‘open for business’ in these unprecedented times. 

Good Luck, Good Health, Stay well, keep calm and carry on!