Covid-19 Latest 01/05/2020

Our Current position regarding shooting in 2020/21

Some people will be weathering the storm quite well, others not so well and some will be having a very bad time of it but Anglia Sporting hope you and yours are safe and well during these trying times.

An update on our situation re shooting this year;

Our dilemma… it’s a difficult call as to whether we invest in any of our game shooting at this time. The cost of preparing for any game season runs into several hundreds of thousands of pounds (the cost of rearing chicks, feed, game covers etc.) and given the uncertainties of what lies ahead, whether we will be able to get together, whether people will wish to or have the power to spend this season among other factors is a huge gamble. Do we write off the coming season and save our resources for another year or do we invest huge sums only to find that we cannot sell enough days and eventually run out of funds.

Timing is crucial at present, it’s bird breeding season and that cannot wait. Reports are that some game farms are preparing to rear a limited supply of birds whilst others have taken the closure route for the time being. We know of some that are dumping eggs as they have no orders for the birds. Some shoots are planning to put on limited days this season whilst others have taken the decision to close, if not indefinitely at least until much later in the year but by then they may not have the birds available. Such decisions must be made by the end of this month at the latest.

On balance it may make best sense to concentrate our energies and finances on some limited events like our rough shooting, pigeon shooting, wildfowling, deer stalking and roll with the situation. That again all depends on when we are given a green light to meet up and whether anyone will wish to do so, at least initially.

We are constantly reviewing things and if the situation changes in any significant way we may revise our plans.

When all is said and done things will not get back to the ‘normal’ we knew, we will all be living in a very different world.