We generally start our harvest time pigeon decoying around the second week of July when the first crops are cut in this part of the UK. This year that’s a bit of a gamble as everything appears to be well forward. Talk about an early spring…in March here in Suffolk/Norfolk we had rape 4/5 feet tall and in full flower with that characteristic aroma you don’t usually smell until May. So its likely harvest might be an early one only so far no-ones betting on it. Farming is always weather dependant but if harvest does start early and we get several weeks of good weather in July then it could also be over and done by mid-August, modern machinery being what it is. Bit of a conundrum for pigeon shooters!

However we plough on and are currently taking bookings for our pigeon days in July, August & September. We’ll start on any peas or barley that’ll be the first cut then rape followed by wheat and anything else as summer rolls into autumn.

It’s worth mentioning; when booking our harvest time pigeon days…our main shooting areas for pigeons are located in some of Suffolk’s/Norfolk’s major tourist destinations and if you’re planning to stay over for a few days then early booking of your accommodation etc. is essential as many if not most of the available places to stay will be fully booked for the summer. Do it now!

Please e-mail us for full details.