We welcome newcomers to the sport and encourage them to visit for a whole day of one on one tuition, rifle handling and safety, shooting range targets to assess competence with perhaps a stalk in the evening although this is not always guaranteed. In my opinion it is not appropriate to use animals for target practice. When you want to try rifle shooting, learn, practice or see how far you can safely/competently shoot, use targets. When you want to hunt, only shoot at distances where you are confident of making the kill. When you shoot an animal, do it quickly and don’t mess about. Respect for the quarry is paramount. I organise these courses with one or two other stalking professionals as an introduction for newcomers to the sport. A morning session in a classroom environment to learn the theory, practice and laws about hunting with rifles plus quarry specific information, deer stalking and hunting, then after lunch an afternoon session on a private, fully equipped, weather proof range to learn about rifle handling, safety, zeroing and target practice. If deemed competent we may then take you for a late afternoon/evening stalk.

The package is fully inclusive. Numbers are limited to six per day which includes the use of estate rifles if you don’t have your own and a limited amount (15 rounds) of ammunition (estate rifles only) although more may be purchased at cost plus teas/coffees, a picnic style lunch and afternoon tea.

Our last one this summer is on Saturday 02nd September. Come and join us.

For full details please e-mail us.